DC students need unprecedented support in the wake of COVID-19.

We must come together for DC students and give them the support and love they need to thrive.


Join the movement to give students their

strongest year yet.

Slide Focus on joy and reading Our youngest students have missed out on the start of their learning experience, and we must introduce them to the joy of play-based learning, paired with reading academies. Foster a love of learning Students must reestablish what it means to go to school by diving into learning across science, history, math, literature, social studies, art, music, and more. With more activities and experiences, students can find the fun in learning again. Build a bright future High school students must not lose sight of their hopes and dreams for college and career, and we must support them academically and socio-emotionally to achieve their dreams through rigorous academics, more learning time, new opportunities, and specific plans for after graduation. Promote lifelong learning We must re-engage adult students in school to create strong futures and navigate a changed and challenging world of work.

Slide Give DC students the support and love they need to thrive.

To build the strongest year yet,
we must:

Increase education funding by at least 4 percent so schools can:

  • Create an extended school day, week, and year.
  • Establish new programming, like reading academies, “Social Emotional Saturdays”, and High-Dosage Tutoring.
  • Expand enrichment opportunities, such as field trips, clubs, athletics, internships, and before- and after-care programming.

Commit to reopen all public schools for in-person learning in School Year 2021-22 with family, educator, and community confidence.

Establish school buildings as safe, public vaccination sites.

Build strong re-engagement initiatives so adult students come back to school and improve their long-term employability and economic stability for themselves and their families.

Establish a 5th academic quarter for high school students through the Summer Youth Employment Program. So students must catch up on the critical experiences of high school, create individual college and career plans, get support in completing critical milestones on their path to graduation.

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