About the coalition

We believe that all public schools in DC should be equitable, just, and high-quality, especially for students furthest from opportunity, therefore we will come together to support the policies and measures to make this next school year, the #StrongestYearYet. 


We believe that schools and educators are essential for student success, therefore we will advocate for prioritizing schools in policy and budget decisions and for an on-time, safe, and in-person learning option for all families, while also ensuring that quality of virtual education does not decline. 


We believe that responding to COVID-19’s enduring and inequitable impact will require new tools, methods, and supports, therefore we will urge the city to, at a minimum, increase the UPSFF by 4 percent, while keeping at-risk students front of mind.


We believe that students deserve academic and socio-emotional support, therefore we will support efforts to extend the time students spend learning through extended school time, summer and evening programming, and high-dosage tutoring.


We believe that all students have faced disruptions in learning, therefore we will support policies that address specific needs for student cohorts, including an expansion of the Summer Youth Employment Program to support our older students as they plan for college and career.  

We believe that if any city can meet this moment it is DC. 

We will fight for all of our students, from Pre-K through adult education to be reconnected with their school communities, receive support, and experience joy, so that no matter their life circumstance, they can thrive.

Strongest Year Yet's partners include:

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